The Fight To Be Present

It's good for me to be reminded to fight to be fully present. Some years back, I spent far too much time thinking about gadgets. God has certainly done a work in my heart over the years in freeing me from an unhealthy affection for technology. (It really was pretty bad!) Though I know that gadgets are both fun and extremely useful, I need to continue to examine the tension of utilizing the amazing technology we have while not wasting the opportunity to experience relationships and community in person.One of the reasons this conversation has been accentuated in my life is because I'm a father of a son that wants to have his own "screen time." I think of how often we are instructing and teaching him that it's good for us to limit how much time he spends on the phone. Yet, at times I feel myself creeping closely toward hypocrisy as I classify my specific use of the phone as "important." It's definitely sobering when you hear that little 3-year-old voice ask his mom or I "can you put down your phone and play with me?" It has been great to pursue balance and to live in the tension. Being mindful of how much we are on screens has allowed us to experience more time living and playing together as a family.This video from a couple years back provides a great reminder of what a life can look like if we are not careful. As extreme a case as this video presents, I know I've experienced or been guilty of some of these things.[embed][/embed]I really dig technology. I just want to make sure I maintain a healthy perspective. Do you ever need to fight to be present?