Finding Motivation

I've been feeling a bit sluggish lately and I haven't been as intentional with exercising, which is certainly a contributing factor. It's clear that I haven't had an established "why" in my heart for exercise recently. This reality caused me to think back to a season of time in which I was extremely motivated to remain consistent with my accomplishing my health goals. I know that many people that I've talked to feel the same longing to gain some calibration in this area, and as we creep closer to the time for New Year's Resolutions, the desire will increase.Over the period of about 4 years, I gained a lot of weight. I had always been into sports and been pretty active my whole life, but I had some knee troubles which slowed my activity WAY down. On top of the knee trouble, I had also begun to experience plantar fasciitis in both feet. The slowed activity and increased eating combined to create a situation in which I certainly wasn’t content with where I was. I realized it was time to do something about it. I set the goal to lose weight. I learned pretty quickly, though, that the quest toward simply getting trim was not going to cut it. I needed something else. On the days when my body and mind didn't feel like getting up and getting out to run, it was easy to tell myself that losing weight wasn't such a big deal. For the first few runs, this was my laser focus but after about a week, this began to wear off. When I truly realized that this was going to be a long and arduous road toward wellness, rather than a quick fix of my weight situation, I began to feel discouraged. I remember taking off on what I thought may be one of my last runs with a sense of desperation. In my desperation, I began to cry out to God. With every step, there was a prayer, with every mile there was a petition. The Lord met with me on that run.I cannot explain the joy that I experienced in my connection with God during that time. He ministered to me, He encouraged me and I experienced Him in a new way. I began to crave that time with God. Rather than waking up with the idea of running for fitness alone, I began to wake up with the knowledge that I was going to get to spend time with Him.I was getting time away that no one could take from me. I had the time to clear my mind and communicate with God. I was able to focus on ideas clearly and to be creative. I was able to connect with the savior. That’s what I began to long for. That motivation to meet with God collided with the idea of getting fit to create a true, sustainable life rhythm. When there is a true motivation, its reinforcement gives you the ability to fight through the instances when your body is resisting. It is simply something that helps you to get over the hump.I'm extremely thankful for the results that came from a dedicated fitness regimen. These results would not have occurred if I hadn't found something more than simply the desire to lose weight. I'm grateful for this reminder as the year comes to a close. If you are hitting a wall on your fitness journey, I would encourage you to find the additional motivation available to you. When you establish a life rhythm, it will simply be a part of who you are, rather than just what you do. But, sometimes we need to remind ourselves, and one another.What's your motivation?