Something Special

I was in line at the coffee shop one morning and I happened to see a guy quickly scrolling through and clicking in and out of news stories on his phone. (I know, it was kind of shady to be staring at the guy using his phone but it was early, it was a long line and it happened. Let's move on for the sake of the story.) In that moment, it hit me how easily accessible and readily available information is. It just reminded me how quickly I can look up any topic for any story and get up to the minute second updates on anything. I ordered and grabbed my coffee but the image kept running through my mind. I started to think about how I navigate through news stories and how difficult it is for something to grab my attention long enough to actually stop and read it. Oddly enough, the thought of this actually made me kind of sad. I thought back to a time a few years ago, before I had easy access to the internet and social media when I would look forward to grabbing the USA Today and catching up on what was happening in the world. There was a certain anticipation of discovery that came with catching up on the stories in the paper. I wasn't able to access the information as it was happening in a hundred different ways. I had to wait. I wasn't over-saturated with information and news. To read a new story was special.When I was younger, I used to love to read the newest issue of Sports Illustrated to discover what was happening in the world of sport. Now, with, twitter, and a ton of different 24-hours sports news stations, it laughable to think I would discover anything new by the time the new issue hits the stands. A friend and I were reminiscing a few weeks back about watching "March Madness" and the NBA on NBC (which used to only come on during the weekend) when we were kids. It had a greater allure for me back then. I think part of the reason was that it was special. Basketball wasn't easily accessible at any time. You had to wait and we never despised it. The waiting built the anticipation and the appreciation for the experience.Just seeing that guy on his phone this morning has sparked all kinds of thoughts about the way that I consume stuff. I love convenience. I love technology. I'm not sure why it just hit me today that I want more things in my life that are special. I don't know, maybe tomorrow I slip right back into the rapidity of life and all that it entails. Today, though, I've been inspired to stop and appreciate some of the things that I see and experience.